It All Starts With An Inside Look At Your Health

Our new patient comprehensive panels includes a blood test and a comprehensive health summary that may include up to 65+ Biomarkers used to assess your health. 

Biomarkers used to assess your health, and a custom-tailored treatment plan to guide you on ways to optimize your hormones, metabolic health, and overall wellness. Any medications that you’ll need will be prescribed after your visit.

A patient support team assists our patients with: 

  • Finding phlebotomists, if in house drawn not available within your schedule
  • Instructions & reminders to complete the tests 
  • Filling out requisition forms 
  • Any order issues or questions 

Order, Track, & Get Results From 30+ Lab Companies In One Place

Orders can be sent directly to our patients for online payment, or our practice can pay up-front and charge patients separately.


Results will be automatically released to you via email once they become available! 

How Do I Complete A Test Requiring A Blood Drawn

Order labs and phlebotomy for both in-person and telehealth patients. We easily stock in-office lab supplies or drop-ship kits to our patients. 

If you order a test that requires a blood draw from a phlebotomist, our team will correlate a time best for you to complete an in-house blood drawn or automatically send you local blood draw options in your personalized email instructions.

These options often include in-house labs, walk-in labs and mobile phlebotomists. All the information you need to schedule your blood draw appointment will be provided, including the additional cost!

Flexible Payment, Biling, & Insurance

You can pay for your order using all major credit cards, debit cards, HSA or FSA cards, or 3-months payment plans. At this time, Insurance reimbursement is not available for these tests.