Good Candidates for Weight Loss Prescriptions

If you are considering medical weight loss treatment, you may be an excellent candidate. The best candidates for our personalized weight loss program are if you:
Unsuccessful at other weight loss methods. BMI of 27 or higher with an additional obesity-related health issues.
Risk for medical conditions due to current weight. BMI of 30 or more.
Have genetics or family history or current health history that makes it harder to control weight

A Strategic Medical Approach, Dedicated To Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off  

If you are ready to be at your ideal weight, our personalized weight loss programs can help you get there. Most diets and weight loss programs focus solely on eating habits, but that's only half of the equation. Busy lifestyles, everyday stress, hormones, genetics, and aging all contribute to weight gain - but they don't have to control it... Our prescription therapies help set you up for success by: 

  • Controlling appetite and cravings
  • Lowering blood sugar levels 
  • Slowing the time it takes food to empty from your stomach 
  • Speeding up metabolism 
  • Increasing resting energy expenditure

We Have Multiple Weight Loss Prescriptions Available In St Peters MO

Our personalized strategy includes: