12 Week Weight Loss Program at Kare Chiropractic

If you are ready to be at your ideal weight our personalized weight loss programs can help you get there. It is important to understand your own habits, limits, goals, personality, and lifestyle to create a weight loss plan that will actually work. Using a scientific medical weight loss approach, that considers your specific bodys' needs we will guide you through a custom plan step-by-step making sure you hit your disired goal

Losing Weight & Health Maintenance 

At Kare Chiropractic, our approach considers all of your current health factors, indentifying the underlying reasons why you have not been able to lose weight in the past. Instead of just focusing on a number, we will help you get healthy as quickly as possible. The result is an lifestyle change with real lasting weight loss results. 

Our Personalized Approach to Medical Weight Loss 

Our team will analyze your blood panels to understand your body from the inside out to return it to it's optimal state. We will look at how your cardiovascular system, metabolism, thyroid, homones, and adrenls are performing. If your body is depleted in any key nutrients, any organs are not working, or you have systemic (chronic) inflammatory, our personalized medical weight loss plan will address this. Our personalized strategy includes: 

  • A personalized, one-on-one consultation with our specialist
  • Thorough blood panels if neccessary and profressional assessments to choose which medication fits you best 
  • A tailored 12 week weight loss plan designed to help you lose weight and keep it off
  • Continuous support throughout your program, including patient education and nutrition advice by a a nutrition specialist
  • Weekly body composition tests using the tania scale to chart progress by looking at muscle, water, fat, and more 
  • Weekly skinny shots to optimize metabolism, promote fat loss, & increase energy levels 
  • Monthly nutritional meyer's cocktail IV's that make an effective addition to your regular health and/or beauty regimen. 
  • One free session of laser lipo 

Good Candidates for Medical Weight Loss 

If you are considering medical weight loss treatment, you may be an excellent candidate. The best candidates for our personalized weight loss program are if you: 

  • BMI of 30 or more
  • BMI of 27 or higher with an additional obesity-related health issue 
  • Unsuccessful at other weight loss methods
  • Risk for medical conditions due to current weight
  • Have genetics or family history or current health history that makes it harder to control weight

Kare Chiropractic in St. Peters, MO for Medical Weight Loss 

Do you want to get the ball rolling on your plan to manage your weight? Get started on your personalized therapy right now by giving our specialists a call or by filling out a contact form! Wegovy alone is unlikely to achieve the desired result of weight reduction; it iWegovy alone is unlikely to achieve the desired result of weight reduction; it is meant to support a routine of increased physical activity and a low-calorie diet. s meant to support a routine of increased physical activity and a low-calorie diet. 

If you are interested in a personalized medical weight loss program to help you meet your goal weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, contact us today. 


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