As we age, we experience such things as memory loss, decreased brain function, muscle loss, fat gain, loss of sexual desire and performance, osteoporosis and more

Take a look at our age management solutions today to see how Kare Chiropractic can help you looking and feeling like your most youthful self.

However, eating right, exercising and participating in a physician-supervised anti-aging program can help slow down the onset of these changes. Kare Chiropractic's anti-aging program is designed to promote “healthy aging”, which is defined as living a longer and healthier life. 

Take a look at our age management solutions today to see how Kare Chiropractic can help you looking and feeling like your most youthful self.

Benefits of Age Management Treatment

Age Management Treatment can have a lasting impact on your life. Because one size does not fit all, Kare Chiropractic's anti-aging program is designed so that the entire package can be used or only those parts that relate to the patient’s individual needs, making it customizable to each patient’s needs. 

All medications must be prescribed by a licensed physician. Kare Chiropractic offers exceptional support to both physicians and patients with our anti-aging program, promoting “healthy aging”, which is defined as living a longer and healthier life.

Once you receive a prescription, or if you have additional questions, call (636) 936-3613 today, or contact us here.


Treatment Options

Bioidential Hormone Replacement for Men and Women 

Kare Chiropractic is a national leader in bioidentical hormone replacement for men and women. We offer a full line of hormone replacement therapies and free consultation services.

Fat-Burning, Multivitamin Supplements (Lipo-Mino Mix)

Kare Chiropractic's Vita-Mino Mix is an innovative, compounded medication designed to promote fat loss, build lean muscle mass and increase energy. Vita-Mino Mix combines a powerful Lipotropics fat-burning formula, Vitamin B12 and B6 that can help increase energy, and amino acids that are designed to promote lean muscle mass.

Sexual Health

Sexual performance plays an important role in maintaining one’s youth. Kare Chiropractic compounds both oral and injectable medications to help treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Vitocin is a proprietary blend of the hormone Oxytocin, which has shown in several studies to be helpful in treating female orgasmic disorder, female arousal disorder and postpartum depression.

Lipo-Mino Mix



Amino Blend

Learn More About Our Age Management Solutions Now


Learn more about our age management solutions now

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